Monday, June 12, 2017

Anti-Defamation League Is Missing in Action

Hat tip Algemeiner

Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance has written an excellent article for Algemeiner in which he asks, "What's happened to the ADL?"

In 10 years of standing up to anti-semitism at UC Irvine (courtesy of the pro-Palestinian groups), I have always asked the same question: "Where is the ADL?" Every year while I was challenging vitriolic speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, during the annual Israel Apartheid events, the Orange County head of ADL would be standing around watching the festivities but saying nothing. The ADL has never gotten involved in the problems at UC Irvine. In my view, that's because they prefer to find the last neo-Nazis and skin heads under the bed. They don't want to confront the anti-semitism that comes from Muslim quarters.

The fact is that under Abe Foxman's successor, Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL is a left-wing activist organization that has forgotten its mission. Foxman was bad, but Greenblatt is worse.

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Miggie said...

Several years ago I called on the ADL to help us do something about the MSU situation at UCI. I met with that the regional supervisor a couple of times, as a matter of fact. He said there was a scarcity of funds and personnell. He said his priority was the skinheads in Seal Beach. There was nothing in the papers about the skinheads (or the ADL).

It looks like nothing has changed.