Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why Is the Prime Minister of Italy Meeting George Soros?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has held an unannounced meeting with George Soros at the Palazzo Chigi (government seat) in Rome. Members of the Italian parliament are asking what the meeting was all about given Soros' role in the currency speculation that did sever damage to the lira and his support for unrestricted migration into Italy. Below is a translation I have done for Vlad Tepes blog. The report is from Il Giornale.

A visit of which Senator (Fl) Lucio Malan is asking for an explanation. "It is surprising to read that the President of the Cabinet (Prime Minster), Paolo Gentiloni- (he) affirms- has today received the multi-billionaire George Soros, the same as the president of the Federal Republic of Germany, who will be at Chigi Palace (seat of govt.) shortly. Soros, by his own admission, was the protagonist of (currency) speculations, which in 1992, caused a devaluation of the lira of 30% and the dissipation of 40 thousand billion lira currency reserves at the Bank of Italy, (and) today openly supports the widest possible immigration into Italy, advocates and finances  LGBT politics, and is in favor of drug liberalization. It would be interesting to know the reasons and the content of this meeting (which was) not announced in advance or reported," asks Malan." On the government site, there is not a trace of the meeting. And this feeds the doubt."

"I will present an inquiry to Premier Gentiloni to ask the motives for the presence of the entrepreneur Soros at Chigi Palace. Evidently, if he was received at the official seat of the government, it concerns an institutional engagement, and it is normal for the Parliament to be informed, given the role that he played in the speculative attack of 1992 against the lira, which he considered a 'legitimate financial operation, " states Elvira Savino, deputy of Forza Italia.

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