Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who Is the Woman in the Green Cap?

As previously reported, on May 10, a pro-Israel event at UC Irvine was disrupted by Students for Justice in Palestine and other students. I was present and videotaped the disruption.

In the above photo, you see a young woman in a green baseball cap. The cap reads, "Legal Observer-National Lawyers Guild". If I am not mistaken (I don't recall actually seeing her enter the room, but I don't believe she was present prior to the arrival of the protesters), I believe she accompanied the protesters. The videotape shows that she did not take part in the disruption, but videotaped with her cell phone.)

The next day, I spoke to this woman in front of the apartheid wall. She was still wearing the cap.She told me she was a law student, but she refused to tell me who had enlisted the NLG to observe the week of protests ("attorney-client privilege"). A few minutes later, I saw her hugging one of the pro-Palestinian crowd.

In May 2016, NLG "legal observers attached to the UCI Law School" accompanied pro-Palestinian protesters to the site of a pro-Israel film showing where a disruption took place that necessitated the calling of campus police. The legal observers reportedly demanded that the SJP protesters be admitted to the room where the film was being shown.

One thing I am comfortable saying is that the NLG is an ally of the pro-Palestinian forces at UCI. Their LA chapter leader, James Lafferty, has spoken at anti-Israel events before at UCI on behalf of the Muslim Student Union. It is also pretty clear to me that the NLG was enlisted by the anti-Israel protesters during the last anti-Israel week of events by the pro-Palestinian groups. The affiliation between NLG and the UCI Law School is also quite troubling.

On a good note, Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky is leaving UCI to take the same job at UC Berkeley. That's the perfect place for him.

It's a start.


UCI Observer said...

The antidote to the National Lawyers Guild is a chapter of the Federalist Society and a chapter of the Brandeis Law Center in the Law School. I wonder if any students have tried to form such chapters, and if not, why not?

The UCI Law School seems to place great emphasis on encouraging students to become "social justice warriors" in such fields as immigrant rights, prisoner rights, gender/LGBTQ rights, healthcare rights, and so forth. Notice I emphasize rights, not responsibilities. If you look at their list of invited speakers over the years you get a feel for the interests of the faculty. As a licensed CA attorney looking for lectures that might satisfy my continuing ed requirements, I have never been able to find anything of interest to me there.

Gary Fouse said...

Spot on. Chemerinsky writes a weekly op-ed in the OC Register (Thursdays) and applies the Constitution to his liberal philosophy. This is the same guy who has consistently claimed there is no anti-semitism at UCI. he was saying it before he even came to UCI.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The National Lawyers Guild is a joke. It was dying to dessication and terminal irrelevance when two splinters of SDS, the October League and the Revolutionary Union, began fighting over the bones and entrails, which crawled away in repulsion for both. Since then its been a flotsam and jetsam of people who wanted to feel proletarian every other Thursday while preparing themselves for a six-figure income and enjoying meals at expensive restaurants.

The Federalist Society is also a joke, inasmuch as their propaganda shows that they haven't read the Federalist Papers, or if they did they have conveniently forgotten about two thirds of the contents.

Social justice warriors is a weak epithet. Lenin called such people infantile disorders.

Miggie said...

This is weird. What does "attached " mean? What does the Law School need with observers? Legal ones at that. Who is paying who and for what purpose?
As itecall, this was the same group that observed the trial of the "11 " that disrupted the Michael Oren address

This is so fishy.

Squid said...

Chemerinsky is a joke and a dark spot upon the UCI Law School. Today, in the Orange County Register, he spews that President Trump needs to be impeached for obstruction of justice, with no evidence of obstruction. The ex-NSA director, Clapper, James Comey and Ex-Director of the CIA, all stated that Trump was not colluding with the Russians, nor hampered an investigation of collusion with Russia. Trump has every right to fire Comey for his botched Hillary email investigation. No crime here!
So Chemerinsky wants impeachment while there is no evidence of a crime. Even Maxine Waters pulled back on impeachment.
Now, at UCI, we have disruption of free speech by pro-Palestinian groups, monitored by a UCI Law School arm called the National Lawyers Guild. The NLG saw disruption of free speech, but did they report it to the Law School? Is this not obstruction of free speech rights of others? Why is there no scream for justice here?


Gary Fouse said...

I added my comment in the OCR reader thread. With Chemo's evidence you couldn't put a dog in the pound. The guy is a joke and he is going to the right place for him-UC Beserkely.