Friday, May 12, 2017

UCI Disruption Video Picked Up by Israeli and Canadian Outlets

Hat tip Algemeiner, Vlad Tepes and The Rebel

Wednesday night's disruption of an event hosted by Students Supporting Israel, which I videotaped, has been picked up by other sites. Below is a report by the Israeli site Algemeiner.

And below by Vlad Tepes:

And by the Canadian news outlet, The Rebel:

This is the handiwork of the UCI Muslim Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine and American Indian Student Association. I have no previous knowledge of the last group, but the MSU and SJP are using their standard Brown Shirt tactics here. Why any university tolerates their presence on campus I have no idea. These students who did this should all be kicked out of school and their organizations' charters revoked. They are a disgrace. They have no concept of free speech nor any respect for it.

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Squid said...

The feckless and incompetent Janet Napolitano, UC Administration, and UCI Administrators now, as in the past, look like spineless ineffective, highly paid puppets of the Left. To the world, they are laughed at and show up as empty suits. They will spew their hot air in attempts to fix the lawless 1st Amendment violations next year. This will never happen, because they lack the resolve, tenacity and competence to be effective. For these reasons, the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic "Hate Week" will be an annual feature of shamed UCI.