Sunday, May 14, 2017

Portland State Fires Reporter for Videotaping and Reporting What a Muslim Student Said on Public Panel

Hat tip The College Fix

The Vanguard, campus newspaper of Portland State University, has fired a reporter because he videotaped a public panel in which a Muslim student explained how a non-Muslim in a Muslim country could be killed. The reporter also tweeted the clip.

Here is The Vanguard's defense of what they did.

I suggest The Vanguard stick to publishing only fake news. It's much more comfortable.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The Vanguard's "defense of what they did" is actually coherent, well written, professional, and IF the facts stated in it are true, they had good cause to fire Ngo. Naturally, in a controversy like this, all parties are trying to position themselves as reasonable and truthful, and their opposite numbers as the worst thing since Tammany Hall.

If Ngo has written on this topic before, and the Vanguard has published such work, because it, unlike the social media posts in question, was thoroughly researched and factual, then Ngo doesn't have a leg to stand on, and National Review has been conned because they fell in love with the implications.

If Ngo put a headline on the video clip that was markedly different from what the speaker said, and if the clip of what the speaker did say was taken out of context, then even if he was criticizing Islam, a subject dear to Gary's heart, maybe he was fired for cause.