Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester and Connecting the Dots

Hat tip Ami

The British police have now identified the man who set off a suicide bomb as Salman Abedi, a British subject. He is reported to a be born in Britain of Libyan descent. Abedi reportedly attended Salford University in the UK. This university has a history as being hostile for Jewish students .

If you think events that happened at Salford in 1977 are ancient history, let me bring you up to date. Salford recently has had a relationship with Bir Zeit University in the West Bank, considered a hotbed  of radical sentiment for the destruction of Israel.. Salford's Vice Chancellor, Sam Grogan, participated in a February event at Bir Zeit. In addition, Abedi is believed by neighbors to have hung what they thought was a Palestinian flag from his room window.

In fact, the same Sam Grogan has expressed sorrow on behalf of the university for what transpired in Manchester.

So what's the point here? This is all very circumstantial, and the only crime committed is when Abedi blew himself up in Manchester. I would like to learn more about the current climate of Salford for Jewish students, Salford's  relationship with Bir Zeit University, as well as Abedi's reputed support for the Palestinian cause. The ultimate point I am trying to reach here is that this is likely another example of Israel's enemies being our enemies as well.

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