Monday, May 22, 2017

LA Times Uses Fousequawk Video of UC Irvine Disruption

Hat tip The Israel Group

Call this bragging or call it an admission. You can also call the photo above fake news. However, the video I took of the May 10 disruption of a pro-Israel event at UC Irvine has been used by the LA Times and its subsidiary, The Daily Pilot. I would also say that this article uses creative writing to make it appear that the incident wasn't all that bad.

I tried for a half an hour to add a reader comment, but gave up after multiple attempts at logging in (I have a password), changing password, and enabling cookies-all to no avail.

By the way: The woman in the green cap in the photo is an "observer" from the National Lawyers Guild. She entered the room with the protesters. She is a law student at UCI. She did not actually participate with the protest but took video with her cellphone.

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