Monday, May 8, 2017

Harvard Instituting Separate Graduation Ceremonies for Black Students

Hat tip Daily Wire

Harvard will be holding separate graduation  ceremonies for black graduate students and is considering the same segregation for undergrads in the future as well.

This is flat out unbelievable. What's next, separate water fountains? Segregated dorms are becoming the rage all over the country. They call it "themed housing". Now this.

What a struggle it was for the Martin Luther Kings, Ralph Abernathys John Lewis's to bring about integration and destroy Jim Crow and make the KKK irrelevant. Now it is all being thrown away by young, misguided blacks who don't "feel comfortable" around whites and are enabled by compliant white administrators who are afraid to say no. All the progress our society has made over 50 years is being thrown in the trash can in the name of "social justice".

Our universities are destroying the minds of our youth.

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