Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cherry Picking the Russian Hacking Issue

UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky has an op-ed in the Orange County Register giving his seal of approval to the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the allegation of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian intrusion into our election. As usual, Chemerinsky plays the partisan as he ignores the other aspects of the Russian issue.

I have no problem with having a special prosecutor appointed, but as usual, Chemo is only concerned with the aspects of this multi-headed monster that allege wrongdoing between Trump and /or his campaign insofar as the Russians are concerned. Chemo doesn't care a whit about all the revelations regarding Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, whose communications were apparently hacked into by the Russians and/or Wikileaks. Neither does he care about the unmasking of American citizens like Michael Flynn by Susan Rice and our intelligence agencies under Obama.

As for Sessions, the "communications" consisted of a requested meeting by the Russian ambassador in Sessions' Senate office in the presence of others in his role as senator on the Foreign Relations Committee and a speech Sessions gave which was attended by the ambassador.

If Chemo wants to write as a partisan hack a'la Dick Durbin or Chuck Schumer, fine. To dress this op-ed up as a legal commentary is something else.

*Update: As revealed by one of our readers, Chemerinsky is moving to greener pastures, a university even more suited to his leftist bent-UC Berkeley.


UCI Observer said...

Chemerinsky is heading to UC Berkeley Law School as its new Dean, to replace the one who was recently resigned due to a claim of sexual harassment. He will certainly feel completely at home in the wacky city of Berkeley.

I wonder why Berkeley didn't choose someone who might add to its renowned intellectual diversity. But then again, why should the radical Progressives destroy their monopoly power over what might still be the pre-eminent public institution of higher learning in the USA?

Can't wait to see who UCI hires to replace him. I'd be really shocked if they hire someone who's a scholar of corporate law or secured transactions, or even healthcare law. More likely, the replacement will be an activist in the immigration, LGBTQ, prison reform, civil rights, or environmental movements, who is good at convincing the wealthy folks in OC as to why they should support the National Lawyers Guild and other activists at UCI law school.

Miggie said...

I think the impeachment effort is dumb ... or worse. It holds up important legislation on taxes and health insurance. It displays the libtards' Party over Country priority. Trump is entitled to know what the specific charge against him is and it can't be a bunch of allegations, suppositions, conjectures, or heartfelt convictions on what he could have done or "just the kind of thing a lying psychopath guy like him would do"
Every sane man should dread a "special investigation." They usually go far afield and will find or (mis) interpret something that looks bad. It is like being named a fiduciary.... any hint that you've done something that could have been done differently and better in retrospect is held against you. It can be found that you've breached your fiduciary duties.

In my opinion, if the Dems want to pursue this Hate Trump pathology, the Reps should respond in kind. The Dems have a lot more vulnerabilities. Trump should now green-light investigations of the Clinton Foundation, the breach of the US security laws wth the emails and personal server, lies about the Benghazi attack, perjury, destroying evidence, and Pay to Play kickback schemes as starters. There is a lot more evidence in that cesspool...... a lot more than "both sides do it". excuses.

Gary Fouse said...

I did not know Chemo was moving. Good riddance. He belongs at Berkeley.

Squid said...

Anonymous sources say that "Chemo" was forced to leave UCI due to the revealing reporting, letters and blogs of Gary Fouse. The heat was too much for Chemo as Fouse was getting to close to a Communist conspiracy due to his sanctioning of the Lawyers Guild (created by Communists in the 30s) collaboration with the UCI law school. Fouse was last seen at a local pub buy beer for everyone.


Gary Fouse said...

Yes. It was the Anthill Pub.