Saturday, April 15, 2017

When in Rome.....

Here is a news item from La Stampa (Torino). The incident occurred at Rome's Ciampino Airport. I have translated it from Italian. The video is in English.

Muslim Woman Stopped at Airport Because She Wouldn't Remove Veil

A Muslim woman was stopped at the security control at Ciampino Airport because she refused to remove her veil. The personnel explained to the woman that the check was required by protocol as shown by the video posted to Twitter by the traveler, who felt discriminated by the request, which was not imposed upon two nuns. @aghiaadzkia. In a letter from the Rome Airports explaining their position on the episode, "As for what happened to Ms. Aghnia Adzkia applies exclusively to the procedures of security. The passenger crossing the security checkpoint caused the alarm signal to go off in the head area, and it was therefore necessary to begin the non-waivable  checks of the case. For this our agents asked her to come to a reserved room where the checks of her head and head covering could be done in a discreet manner, as is strictly required by European and national laws, whose aim is to guarantee security and civil co-existence. And yet, "When Ms. Aghnia refused to remove her head covering, asking to read the regulation, she was shown the National Security Program, readily translated in English by our agents. In the face of a final refusal, our agents were forced to remove the passenger from the control zone. Ms. Ahgnia subsequently returned to that area (and on that occasion turned on the video) and then left Ciampino Airport. And thus she departed from Fiumicino Airport on another flight passing without problems the security controls and this time removing her head covering.

We are really sorry that the young passenger has seen had a negative experience at Ciampino Airport. At the same time, however, we affirm that what happened is completely removed from any type of discrimination."

(Fiumicino is Rome's other airport.)

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