Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Update on the April 15 Berkeley Assaults

Several days ago, I reported that according to various blog sources, a California university professor was believed to be the person caught on video assaulting several pro-free speech demonstrators over the head with a  metal bike lock in Berkeley on April 15. Since no arrest has been made, I decided at that time to withhold further details including the name of the suspect.

Two California colleges have been identified as being employers of this professor both past and present. Both of their school newspapers have reported on the story. One of the schools has since removed the professor's name since no charges have been filed to this date.

At this point, I continue to withhold the name of the suspect and the above two schools as well in the interest of caution. I continue to monitor the case and will update when and if charges are filed.


Squid said...

The name and the college of this Berkeley Antifa attacker went viral on Tweeter. Many Tweets reflected upon why this attacker, who has been identified in other violent protest venues, has not been questioned by law enforcement.


Gary Fouse said...

We just don't know about that. The identification is based on examination of numerous photos taken at the scenes of the attacks and protests. Surely, the police must have them and will, if they have not already, interview the guy. If they don't something is really rotten in Berkeley law enforcement.

Squid said...

"something is really rotten in Berkeley law enforcement." How about the Mayor of Berkeley having connections to Antifa.