Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Soaring Oratory of Maxine Waters

"Ladies and Gentlemen. My millennials, stay woke!"

As Lawrence Welk used to say, Maxine Waters gave "a wunnerful, wunnerful" speech today in front of a crowd of Trump haters as she called for the impeachment of President Trump. (She didn't say what he should be impeached for-general principles I guess or the fact that he is "contempible").

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Miggie said...

Libtards are never specific! They want to investigate the Trump/Russian "conspiracy" in the election. You can also substitute "collusion or cooperation or meeting or discussing or intrvening or scheming or about half dozen others but NEVER saying. WHAT, precisely. They did SOMETHING!

What did the Russians actually do?? Tell Hillary to lie about Benghazi? or transfer classified material to a unsecured server in her house? Or lie about it? Or evade and avoid discovery on it? Or destroy subpoenaed evidence? Or give special favors to donors to the Clinton Foundation? Or a dozen other lies? Or did they talk her out of going to crucial states in the last weeks of the campaign? Those rascally all powerful Russians! Even IF they disclosed the Panneta emails, that was information ( the DNC favoring Clinton over Sanders) American citizens should know that information and it should not be hidden. Np proof even alleged that any vote was changed or influenced.

As I recall, most f the campaign was about how Hillary attempting to hide her crooked past.

So that's why Waters doesn't specify charges or even allegations. Too bad so many lemmings go along and viscerally react to this purposeful vagueness