Friday, April 7, 2017

Terror in Stockholm

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A man in scrubs was seen walking along the street with several emergency services people behind him. Several bodies were seen covered by blankets
-Svenska Dagbladet

A truck has plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Stockholm. At least one man is in custody, and between 3-5 people are dead. It happened at 3 pm local time. This is still fluid.

Daily Mail (UK) reports that two additional men were in the truck and that the attack has spread to the train station.

Maybe this tragic event will finally drum some sense into the Swedish mindset and bring new leadership to power.


-SvD  Suspect being sought

According to latest from Svenska Dagbladet. Three people are confirmed dead and eight injured. One suspect is on the run. The truck was hijacked from a Spendrups beer brewery. There are conflicting reports about arrests. The police say two people are in custody for questioning, but one main suspect is being sought.

*Update: The number of dead has risen to four and fifteen are injured. One person is in custody for some unspecified involvement in the attack and police are searching for the one man pictured above.

* Update: Police have a man in custody who was arrested away from the scene hours later. There are reports unconfirmed by the police that the man has confessed. Svenska Dagbladet has extensive photo coverage of the scene below. Some pictures are graphic.

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