Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SF SU Again Bends to Pro-Palestinian Thuggery

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

San Francisco State University has once again showed that pro-Israel voices are not welcome on campus. It's not just the thugs and brown shirts of the General Union of Palestinian Students and their mentor, professor Rabab Abdulhadi. It is also the gross bias shown by SFSU President Les Wong. In this instance, the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, was scheduled to return to speak one year after his talk at SFSU was disrupted by brown shirts. Sadly, the university put such restrictions on his appearance that he decided it wasn't worth it.

In response,. a local Jewish organizatiuon has rightly expressed its concern for Jewish students on the SFSU campus.

I suggest four steps:

1 Jewish students should find another school at which to study.

2 Organize a class action lawsuit on behalf of Jewish students

3 Put pressure on Wong to resign

4 Reach out to alumni and donors-especially Jewish to stop donations to SFSU.


Miggie said...

Unfortunately, we have, more or less, tried those strategies. Needless to say, what we need is a new strategy:.. wish I could say that it passed some test already.

Nationally, IMHO, we have to beat them militarily. We have take away any notion that they are strong or that God favors them. We have disabuse students and others who go there to enlist of any romantic notion of adventure. If they do go, they should know they are highly likely to be painfully killed after living in miserable circumstances.

For university and other Islamist strident MSU, SJP, person, we must attack and defeat them on political, psychological, religious; and moral grounds.

In other words, we should point out at every possible opportunity how cruel and barbaric their beliefs and tenements are. Every time anyone has been beheaded or hung or mutilated or committed a Islamic terrorist act, everyone should know it was Islamists who committed the horrific act. We should show where it is in Sharia law and how it is part of their belief system and how totally incompatible it is with American values. They should be convinced that they will NEVER be part of American culture unless they give up Islamism. They will forever be different and despised. Their many decades of hostility toward non- Muslims, the West, and especially the Jews has bought them nothing. Further, it precludes them from participating in world progress.

They and the public should be reminded of the tyranny and general backwardness of Islamic countries in a full campaign in every medium.

In other words, we need a major campaign to win the war of words so that no one will be philosophically inclined to identify with Islamist causes.

I'm thinking of a campaign as big and as sophisticated as the War on Cigarettes.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes! This is why I post as many of these horror stories as possible. Eventually it sinks in.