Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rachel Maddow's Latest Embarrassment

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Recently, feminists were all in a tither when MSNBC rushed Brian Williams onto Rachel Maddow's time slot to cover the US missile strike on Syria.

I am no defender of Williams, who I consider another dishonest liberal reporter. Yet, when it comes to covering breaking news when you don't have a script in front of you to read, Williams is experienced and knows how to do that.

On her best days, Maddow is a rambling woman who makes little sense to anyone. She proved it once again a few days ago when she went off on a rant about how mad the people of Venezuela are about their government oil company contributing to Donald Trump and his inauguration.

Horse feathers. The Venezuelans are hungry and angry at their dictatorial government for a plethora of reasons. Anything connected to Trump is so far down the list as to be insignificant. The crimes of the current government of Venezuela long predate Donald Trump becoming president.

Maddow and her employers at MSNBC is desperate to throw anything they can at Trump. It's called shoddy journalism. This is a good example of why MSNBC called in a professional-a flawed one at that- to take over  during a breaking news story. Maddow would have been out of her league and would have embarrassed herself.

If that possible with MSNBC's audience..

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