Sunday, April 16, 2017

Georgetown's Kumbaya Event:Jihad Watch Reporter Finds No Love

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Director of Georgetown's Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding Kicks Critic from Meeting

Georgetown Middle East Studies professor Jonathan Brown is back in the news again. After a series of troublesome quotes about rape and slavery under Islam, you would think this guy would be keeping a low profile. Not so.

This time Brown was participating in one of those kumbaya events otherwise called interfaith meetings, where gullible Christian and Jewish leaders team up with their Muslim counterparts to affirm what a terrible problem Islamophobia is even as Muslims rampage around the world and kill anyone of other faiths they can get their hands on-at least in countries where they comprise a majority. (Oh I forgot. They do it in Europe too.)

As for Brown, kumbaya ends when writer and Brown critic Andrew Harrod of Jihad Watch shows up. That's when Brown roars into action and has Harrod booted from the event. The latest incident happened March 16 at one of those kumbaya events at Georgetown.

So much for peace and love as well as Muslim-Christian understanding.

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