Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Claremont College's Letter From Hell

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

Hat tip The College Fix

I don't mean the above quote as a spoof. If education is truly the answer to our social ills and the problems that plague the black community, the below story coming out of Claremont College is troubling. After Heather MacDonald, author of "The War Against Cops" spoke amid protests at Claremont on the topic, Blue Lives Matter, three black students penned a letter to the Claremont
Independent. It is stunning in its degree of sheer ignorance.

First of all, nobody in America today is oppressed or marginalized. Once in our history that was true. Not today. If anyone is marginalized, it is because they marginalize themselves.

The rest of this letter is so downright stupid it doesn't merit a response. It is also racist itself unless you think that assigning a capital "b" to black while using a small case "w" for white is just a grammatical oversight, which it clearly is not. Similarly, questioning free speech in general as some sort of hegemonic tool is downright silly.

The main point is this: If college is supposed to equip young people to go out in the world and succeed, it seems to be failing in the case of these three writers. If education is the cure for ignorance, what has it done for these three people? They probably had more sense when they were in the 9th grade.

If this is an example of their thinking, they are wasting their time in college. Their time could be better spent learning a trade.

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