Thursday, March 30, 2017

Syrian Refugee Stabs German Man in Regensburg

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Egri Nok.

In what is now almost a daily occurrence in Germany, another asylum-seeker has gone on a  rampage. I am translating (summary) from the below-linked article. In this case, a 23-year-old Syrian man who came to Germany in 2013 as a  refugee, stabbed a 28-year-old German man in the back as he was walking through the pedestrian zone of Regensburg Wednesday afternoon with his wife. The man fled on foot but was captured by bystanders. The victim was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is now out of danger. The assailant has no known connection to the victim, and is believed to be mentally ill. There is as yet no known political motive.

As the Germans usually do, they indicate that the perp is believed to be nuts. I guess they have yet to devise a German translation for Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS).

"Wir Schaffen das" (We can do this.)(

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