Monday, March 6, 2017

So You Want More Refugees?

Hat tip Daily Caller

Today, President Trump has issued his revised travel ban. Iraq is removed from the list, and the refugee program for Syrians is suspended for 120 days. (For all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors, that's 4 months.) The Trump team apparently thinks they have sewn up all the legal loose  ends (Green card holders are exempt) but no doubt  some judge somewhere, probably in the reliable old 9th circuit will jump into the fray with a restraining order.

Before you begin with the usual howls of protest, you might want to digest this latest bit of news.

This is a fact: We are under threat from Islamic terrorists. Trying to keep them out of the country is a good thing even if it affects the ability of innocent people to come here. Non US citizens-including innocent people- do not have the right to enter our country. In normal times, we welcome honest immigrants who legally come here to assimilate, become Americans and contribute to our country. In times of threat, however, our government has the right and the duty to restrict immigration if necessary to protect American lives. The evidence is all around us-from Europe to Boston, to San Bernardino and many other places. It is time to get serious.

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