Friday, March 31, 2017

Rollins College Reinstates Student

Rollins College has reinstated student Marshall Polston over his dispute with a professor named
Areej Zufari.

I wonder what would happen if a non-Muslim professor told a Muslim student in class that the Koran was not the word of God just something Mohammad dreamed up. Who do you think would be suspended? It is bad enough that we have yet another professor shoving her beliefs down the throats of the students. When she discredits the religious beliefs of some of her students, she has crossed the line. I taught English as a second language at a major California university for 18 years. A large segment of my students were Muslims. I have my own opinions about Islam, but I would never insult Islam in my class or tell my Muslim students that parts of their religion were untrue. Had I done so, I would have been fired.

Now that Rollins has reinstated Polston, it is time for them to take a look at Ms Zufari.

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