Friday, March 17, 2017

Anti-Jewish Flyers Found at University of Illinois at Chicago

Hat tip Algemeiner

Above is a copy of posters found on the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Algemeiner has the details.

This flyer has nothing to do with Israel. It is a direct attack against Jews as people.

It is premature to make any accusations, but my first impulse was to check and see if UIC has a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. They do. So I visited their Facebook page. It contains a condemnation of the flyer. Here is their statement dated yesterday:

"Yesterday, UIC students and faculty discovered then promptly removed anti-Semitic fliers which were posted around campus. UIC SJP unequivocally condemns such vile attacks against vulnerable communities such as the Jewish community in this country.
While some would falsely claim that anti-Semitism is a thing of the past, the recent resurgence in hate crimes against the Jewish community proves otherwise. The current political climate of the United States and the larger world has emboldened those who have previously kept their disgusting hatred relatively quiet.
Only recently, a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia was desecrated. Just last month a Synagogue here in Chicago was vandalized and defaced with swastikas. Hundreds of such crimes have been documented in recent months, making this the greatest resurgence in hatred of Jews in the United States of America since the 1930’s.
From the Muslim ban to the targeting of Jews and the attacks on undocumented immigrants and much more, this is the reality which we increasingly find ourselves facing. To remain silent in the face of racism has never been an option.
UIC SJP remains committed to mobilizing against racism and white supremacy in all their manifestations, including anti-semitism."

I applaud the statement, but even if SJP had no connection to the flyer, they (as a national organization) are largely responsible for fostering anti-semitism with their incessant campaign against Israel, which all too often has crossed the line into bullying and intimidation of Jewish students. I cannot speak with authority on what SJP at UIC has or has not done.

It is apparent to me from the language used (white privilege) that this flyer is the product of leftist thinking.  In addition, even if the statistics quoted are accurate, Jews should take pride in their accomplishments.

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