Saturday, February 11, 2017

Racial Indoctrination at Regis University

Hat tip Campus Reform

"Black-on-black crime is not a thing. Don’t talk about it. Shut it down when people talk about it.”

For the benefit of all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, Regis University is located in Denver, Colorado. When the little rascals are not smoking the legal loco weed, they are attending seminars like this one described below. It's another round of indoctrination dedicated to the proposition that America is still living in the 1950s where privileged and racist whites are still oppressing black people.

The way I interpret this "instruction" if whites would simply walk around in sack cloth and ashes beating themselves with tree branches, everything would be hunky dory for black people. There would be no more poverty, no more gangs, no more black on black shootings and no more single parent families.

What these poor excuse for professors won't tell the kids is that ever since the 1960s, America has been working overtime trying to remedy the injustices of the past. America has, indeed, faced up to its past.

Treating black people like autistic children will not solve the problems. Turning out new generations of angry young blacks will not solve the problems. Instilling a sense of victimhood for young people who never faced the discrimination their parents and grandparents faced will not solve the problems. Trying to demonize young whites who are not guilty of the sins of past generations will not solve the problems.Perhaps a few seminars held by people like Ben Carson, Condi Rice, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell might help set these young people on the right path. And to young Mr Flotte, black-on-black crime is, indeed, relevant. We must talk about it. As somebody whose name escapes me once said, "It matters."


Anonymous said...

I am a student at regis and all of these conservative blogs and "news" reports are all invalid. I attended this meeting and what Jack actually said was that people should stop "pathologizing" black on black crime, as in, saying that black on black crime is different than any other crime. All you needed was that one little incorrect quote to run with and here we are.


Gary Fouse said...


I am pleased to give your side of the story. You should also send your comment to Campus Reform who originally posted it. But what about the other quotes attributed to Mr Flotte?

In addition, it does not invalidate my own thoughts on the overall issue which I wrote.

Last point: Your're still young, so take it as advice. In the future, you will always have more credibility when you attach your name.