Monday, February 27, 2017

Meanwhile in La-La Land......

"And the best picture goes to...."

How fitting was this? On a  night when Jimmy Kimmel was cracking bad jokes about Trump and the usual brain-dead Hollywood types were pontificating about injustice and repression, the whole night ended with a John Kerry-style goof. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, apparently thinking they were still Bonnie and Clyde, read the wrong card and announced that La-La Land had won best picture. Then, as some boob was up there talking about repression and all that good stuff, chaos ensued as it was announced that they had not won after all. Warren and Faye had been given the wrong card! Too bad Hillary wasn't there with her reset button.

Image result for confusion at the oscars                

And that wasn't the only snafu. Imagine watching the Oscars and seeing your own face in the "in memoriam" segment. (Hat tip Breitbart)

And wouldn't you know as soon as they announced La-La Land, I switched it off only to find out this morning I had missed the best part.

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