Monday, February 20, 2017

Frontpage Magazine Weighs in on Swedish "Feminism"

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Bruce Bawer writes about the trip to Iran by a group of Swedish feminist government officials-all decked out in hijabs.

Sweden is really a country in denial. Tonight, on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox, a Swedish journalist, Anne-Sophie Naslund, lied to him about the immigrant crime problem in Sweden. She was followed by a recent US Ambassador to Sweden, Azita Raji, who compounded the lies with a bunch of double talk and trying to talk over Carlson. This was in response to the flap over Trump making  a comment about the situation in Sweden. Carlson also brought back journalist Ami Horowitz. It was his interview just days ago on Carlson's show that led to the Trump comment. Two of the Swedish cops Horowitz interviewed have now  retracted their statements (on tape). It's pretty clear they are in hot water with their bosses. They may even lose their jobs and get prosecuted for speaking out. Such is the state of Swedish law.

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