Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why Was This Rape Case in S. Dakota Hushed Up?

Hat tip Creeping Sharia, Sibby Online, and Act for America

Slowly but surely, unless our government puts a halt to unfettered immigration from the Middle East war zones and other places like Somalia, the rape epidemic is coming to America just as it has to Europe. Creeping Sharia has the story of a recently-arrived 39-year-old Somali man who has been convicted of sexually assaulted a special needs woman in Aberdeen South Dakota. Somehow, this news about an incident happened last July, had been kept from the public at large.

It certainly appears this story was hidden by the local media. Links to the perp, Liban Mohamad, are largely confined to blog sites as opposed to newspapers. Here is a description by a South Dakota blog.

This is what is called selective reporting. There are certain facts our liberal media don't want us to know whether it's Hillary Clinton and her corrupt foundation or Somali refugees sexually assaulting women as soon as they get here. It's also what is done in Europe. They don't want to report stories that explicitly state that migrants and refugees are doing bad things. They prefer to refer to the perps merely as "youths" or "southerners" as they do in Germany. (They are not referring to Bavarians, but who would know the difference if you were so uninformed?)

As for the Somali in S. Dakota, does anybody really think the government used "extreme vetting" here? Clearly not. We will have to wait until January 20 before that starts happening. And don't delude yourself into thinking that this guy will be deported after his sentence has run out. He's a refugee and nobody can go back to Somalia because it's such a dangerous place, don't you know?


Anonymous said...

"Why was this story hushed?" you asked because they rapist was brought to this country as a "refugee" under the Obama administration. Under Obama Muslim "refugees" are being brought un-vetted. The rapist was brought to work as a Halal butcher for "Demkota Ranch Beef." Multinationals and large manufactures are getting cheap "Legal" immigrants to work form them which is why they support Obama's massive "refugee" program.

See here:

and here:

Siarlys Jenkins said...

By the time he finishes his sentence, it may be safe to go back to Somalia...

Gary Fouse said...

I personally don't care if it's safe to go back to Somalia or not. Send him.