Monday, January 23, 2017

University of Washington Shooting Video

Hat tip Blue Lives Matter

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Shooting victim

Blue Lives Matter is showing a video which appears to show the shooting that occurred at the University of Washington Friday night. The man believed to be the shooter is wearing a bright yellow baseball cap and can be seen in the middle of the screen. It appears he is among the Trump supporters given others in red caps which I assume were MAGA caps. At  a certain point ( 20 seconds), he is rushed by the man believed to be the victim at which time the shooting occurs. As previously reported the shooter turned himself into police claiming he acted in self defense. After conferring with prosecutors the man was released pending further investigation.

It would appear that the victim was the aggressor in this scuffle. That does not necessarily justify shooting. What we don't know is what was said if anything or if the victim had some sort of weapon which might have made the shooter fear for his safety to the point that would justify shooting.  Nothing has been said about that.

Image result for university of washington shooting
The above photo shows a man on the left with a yellow cap and a beige scarf around his face. In the video, the shooter appears to be wearing a beige scarf around his neck before attacked and holding it in his left hand during the shooting. Both were dressed in black. I can't tell 100% if they are one and the same.

In the below video, the shooter, who is clearly Asian  appears at about the 7:20 mark. He is amid Trump supporters and chanting. At about the 8:05 mark, the victim appears. He seems to be acting aggressively toward someone next to him.

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