Monday, January 9, 2017

The Golden Glob Circus

(That's not a misprint.)

I generally don't watch the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmy's the Grammy's or the People Choice awards. (Are there any I missed? I'm just not interested in watching a bunch of self absorbed phonies handing out awards to each other and serving up soapy speeches. However, the Missus does enjoy it, so I found myself a captive at dinner time when Meryl Streep got her lifetime achievement award for the Golden Globes. Naturally, she used the occasion to make a political statement against Donald Trump without mentioning him by name.

On the one hand, I could say it was out of place, but when you are talking about these freak shows, what is out of place? I personally don't care what Ms. Streep thinks of the world or what Carrie Fisher thought of the world. Streep has the right to get up on her soapbox and say whatever she wants, of course. What may not have occurred to her or the like-minded sycophants in the audience is that pronouncements like these out of Hollywood were one (albeit small) factor in why Trump got elected. The little folks who cough up the money to watch their movies got sick and tired of the elites-and yes, they are elites- telling them what they should think about this and that. Maybe they got tired of seeing Obama and Hillary flying out to the Left Coast to attend big fund raisers at these people's houses.

I don't deny that these are very talented and creative people at what they do. Streep is an excellent actor, no doubt. When it comes to anything else, they are just like you and I. Some of us are smart and have good ideas. Some of us are dumb and have bad ideas. If you are going to use a platform for acting awards to venture off into some other arena, beware of the pitfalls. Personally, I think it would be better and classier to just say thank you and thank all the people who helped you get the award and walk off.

Unfortunately, for many of this crowd that's just not in their  makeup.

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