Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Chicago Hate Crime

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.


The details are sickening. Four young people, two men and two women, have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping, beating, and torture of a mentally-handicapped man in a Chicago suburb. There is also a clear racial component. The victim is white and the suspects are black. Further, they videotaped their heinous actions, which lasted about two days and put it on social media. The tapes show the four making repeated racial insults directed at white people and Donald Trump.

Aside from the kidnap, false imprisonment, assault and everything else these monsters allegedly did, they are being charged with hate crime violations by the local authorities. That is well and good. My question is-where is the Obama Justice Department? Federal hate crimes charges may be redundant, but I would expect to see representatives of the FBI present promising their support and if warranted, federal charges as well.

This is an opportune time to tell the Black Lives Matters crowd the truth. Notwithstanding America’s past, when blacks could be assaulted and victimized by whites-especially in the South- that time has passed.  Racially-motivated  crime today is overwhelmingly black on white. To say otherwise is to perpetuate a falsehood in the name of political correctness. When racially motivated white on black crime does occur, fair-minded people condemn it.
There is a growing racial climate in this country that makes some feel that whites are fair game. We see it in the universities, not with physical assaults, but with words and slogans that demonize white people as being inherently racist and privileged at the expense of “people of color”.  It has become an obsession with even faculty promoting this false narrative, a narrative that only divides our young people into tribes that view each other with suspicion as opposed to viewing them as fellow Americans and human beings.

 We also see it in the election of Donald Trump. In my view, Trump has been unfairly stigmatized as a racist. True, he made some insensitive statements during the election campaign, but he has been in the public eye for decades without this stigma being thrown at him.
Is it any wonder that 4 thugs in Chicago take all this as a license to go out and commit an atrocity on the first white victim they come across? (The victim actually knew one of the suspects and trusted him.)

At the age of 71, I have become pretty burned-out on the subject of race, but it necessary to speak out and stand up to the BLM bullies and the forces of political correctness that tell us that up is down and down is up.

We have seen too many cases of black on white violence not being treated as a hate crime when the opposite is automatically treated as such.  The Obama Justice Department has jumped into the middle of every questionable police shooting involving a white officer and black suspect (as well as the Treyvon Martin case). Every element of a hate crime exists here.

I have always been leery of hate crime legislation because I knew it would never be enforced fairly across the board. Hopefully here, the Chicago authorities will. I would also expect the Justice Department to at least monitor the progress of this case.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I suppose you could say that Trump has too much hubris to be a racist, just as Miggie is not a racist, he's a misanthrope. I have little patience for jumping up and down screaming "Not my president" when its obvious he's going to be president for the next four years, but I don't know of anything good to say about him or what he will do to the country. He won because he's not Hillary Clinton, and if she had won, it would have been because she's not Donald Trump.

You flatter those four demented souls in Chicago if you think they were "responding" either to BLM(TM) propaganda or to Trump being elected president. They're a pack of dim-witted thugs looking for a victim. The fact one of them was a classmate and knew this guy, and that he could easily be lured into a vulnerable place, were the prime matters of significance. The commentary was just icing on the cake.