Monday, January 2, 2017

Racial Profiling in Germany During New Years Eve

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

After last year's New Years Eve fiasco in Cologne, Germany  where hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by migrants-principally from the North African countries of the Maghreb-Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, German police were determined to prevent a recurrence. So what did the cops in Cologne do and New Years Eve descended upon the scene of last year's mayhem? They engaged in racial profiling. And it worked. The cops assigned 1,000 officers to cordon off the area around the cathedral and the train station and block entry to those who appeared to be Arab/North African migrants (NAFRI-a new term to described North African migrants). And it was effective.


However, the liberals immediately sprang into action, led by the Green party, they protested that the actions hurt the feelings of the foreigners.

Vlad Tepes has a video put up by a British blogger. They also have a response to the Greens' complaints from a police union official, Ernst Walter, in neighboring Duesseldorf.

There is no question that had the police not taken this action, the hoodlums from the Maghreb would have repeated the horrors of last year. Germany  needs more cops like this.

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