Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Marc Lamont Hill's Shameful Comment About "Mediocre Negroes"

Hat tip The College Fix

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Jim Brown- "Mediocre Negro"?

Marc Lamont Hill is a young black professor who became known to cable news talk show audiences through his time commenting at Fox News when he was teaching at Temple University. He is now teaching at Morehouse College. Most recently, he has made a really dumb statement on CNN in referring to black leaders who have met with President -elect Trump as "mediocre Negroes".

Of course, this is the standard treatment that gets dished out to blacks to go against the grain. I have no idea what the political persuasions of Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis or Jim Brown are, but I wonder if Professor Hill, a mediocre thinker in my view, would care to tell Lewis and Brown to their faces that they are "mediocre Negroes".

Better strap on a helmet first, Dr Hill.

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