Thursday, January 19, 2017

John Kerry Whines

Hat tip Total Conservative

                                                                                         Why the long face, John?

Poor John Kerry. This week, he sat down with-who else- CNN's Christiane Amanpour to lament the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. Specifically, John-John took issue with Trump's apt description of Angela Merkel's catastrophic immigration policy as "catastrophic". The Total Conservative has the report.

"Kerry came to Merkel’s defense, telling CNN that she was “one of the strongest leaders in Europe and one of the “most important players with respect to where we are heading.”

                                                                                            "Follow that car, by Jove."

If Kerry thinks letting one million people into your country with no vetting (most of whom are young unaccompanied men in the 20s from the Middle East and North Africa) is sound policy even after you have seen the catastrophic results in terms of crime, murder, rape, terror attacks, lack of assimilation, your own people afraid to venture out at night, you are truly a fool of Chamberlainesque proportions. 

And I don't mean Wilt.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

That sort of lament is a waste of breath. Trump was going to be sworn in, and apparently has been. What does talking to Amanpour about your personal angst do to change anything?

Gary Fouse said...

This is John Heinz Kerry we're talking about here.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yes, and he could have been president if I had scripted his press encounters. Of course, if he needed me to do that, why would anyone consider him competent to be president? We expect presidents to make decisions, not turn policy questions over to their speechwriters and take a nap.

Gary Fouse said...

Maybe Kerry should hire someone to script his press encounters. Then he wouldn't always step in it.