Friday, January 20, 2017

Did Brits and Italians Score a Scoop at Inauguration?

It seems while the American media is so busy pushing its own political agenda, they often get scooped by foreign news services. Could that be the case here?  Here is a piece from the Italian newspaper La Stampa in which they credit the UK Daily Mail with catching Bill Clinton with his eyes wandering today (at Melania  Trump). Hillary, who was chatting with Michelle Obama, catches him in the act.

"Non è sfuggito al web questo divertente siparietto verificatosi durante il giuramento di Donald Trump. Secondo una ricostruzione del Daily Mail, Bill Clinton è parso gradire oltremodo la presenza della nuova first lady Melania Trump. Hillary, impegnata in una conversazione con Michelle Obama, appena si è resa conto degli sguardi “interessati” del marito, si è voltata mostrando un’espressione di disappunto."

" This amusing scene which happened during the inauguration of Donald Trump, did not escape the web. According to a reconstruction by the Daily Mail, Bill Clinton seemed inordinately pleased by the presence of the new first lady, Melania Trump. Hillary, busy in a conversation with Michelle Obama, as soon as she became aware of the "interested" looks by her husband, turns and shows an expression of vexation (disappointment)."

Good old Bill.

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