Saturday, January 21, 2017

Brandeis University's Highly Suspicious Teaching Hire

Hat tip Campus Watch and PJ Media

Suheil Laher
-Campus Watch

(No, that's not the last remaining prisoner at GITMO. It's a professor at Brandeis University.)

"Before Brandeis, Laher was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Muslim chaplain for almost twenty years. While at MIT, he also served, from 2000, as head of a Boston-based charity named CARE International (not to be confused with the current charity of the same name). Originally named the “Al Kifah Refugee Center,” the charity was founded by Abdullah Azzam, a founding member of al-Qaeda and a mentor to Osama Bin Laden."
-PJ Media

Louis Brandeis must be spinning in his grave. The University named after him, a university noted for its left-wing bent, has now hired a teacher with a track record of questionable Islamic associations and anti-Semitic statements.

"Brandeis University was founded almost 70 years ago for Jewish students who faced discrimination and rejection from other institutions. Today, according to Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization in America, about half of the undergraduate student population at Brandeis is Jewish. The university proudly declares it was established “in defiance of anti-Semitism” and remains dedicated to “diversity and social justice.”
-PJ Media

Here is more from the Counter Jihad Report showing Laher's links with the Virginia-based Institute of Islamic Thought.

Well, if Brandeis wants diversity, they sure got it with this guy. 

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