Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amnesty International Wants Cologne Police Investigated for Racial Profiling

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

"I hate Germans" sprayed on a grave stone in Konstanz, Germany
-Creeping Sharia

Amnesty International must think because something is prohibited in the US it must be prohibited everywhere. After Cologne police blocked migrants of North African origin (or appearance) from the site of last year's mass sexual assault of German women by the former group, Amnesty International has joined the German left in calling for an investigation. They weren't anywhere to be seen after last year's fiasco. Of course, while half of the cops in the Rhineland were concentrated in Cologne, the troublemakers went to places like Dortmund.

A couple of thoughts: As to the photo above, if you hate Germans so much why did you go to Germany in the first place?

Where was Amnesty International last year when hundreds of women were assaulted in Cologne on New Years Eve?

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