Sunday, December 18, 2016

Migration Australian Style: "On the Beach"

Hat tip Jihad Watch

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-"What did you see?"
- "You don't wanna know."

"In recent years, gangs of mostly Sudanese men have terrorised Melbourne suburbs with a spate of burglaries, rape, assault, and carjackings."

"On the Beach" was a 1959 movie set in Australia after a nuclear war. Australia was the last country that had not been wiped out, but the radioactive air was on the way due to the winds. The movie describes the country's unsuccessful efforts to save itself.

So it seems with the wave of migration that has swarmed over Europe. I have heard so much about how Australia has effectively turned back the boats of would-be migrants that try to land Down Under.

Well, not quite. Jihad Watch has the disturbing news about what is happening on the beaches of Melbourne.

"Melbourne Police Inspector Jason Kelly said: “I want to provide some reassurance to the community that what occurred was not acceptable."

Now that's reassuring.

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