Friday, December 9, 2016

Black Liberation Students at OSU Add Name of Dead Terrorist to List of Those Killed by Cops

Hat tip The Lantern and The College Fix
Set up on the Oval on Dec. 7, Students hold up a list of names of people of color killed by police. Credit: Elizabeth Suarez | Multimedia Editor

The Ohio State University Coalition for Black Liberation has added the name of the dead terrorist who attacked students with his car and a knife on campus lately before being shot dead by a campus cop to a list honoring people of color killed by cops.

Did I get that right, OSU Coalition for Black Liberation?

It seems every week our universities get more and more outrageous. This pretty much takes the cake.

And to think that they set up their display on December 7, when they should have been honoring the more than 2,000 American lives lost at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago. How despicable is that?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Why do the people in the photo holding that sign look so light-skinneded?

Gary Fouse said...

Useful, white skinned idiots.