Monday, December 19, 2016

Berlin Updates: 12 Dead

It's Islamic Terror

The number of dead has now risen from 9 to 12 as a result of the truck attack at a Christmas market in Berlin. The driver is in custody and a second man was killed in the cabin of the truck possibly as a result of the impact.

In addition, ISIS has taken responsibility.

So what we have is the latest act of terror in Europe. There have been several attacks in Germany this year; not on the scope of what we have seen in Paris and Brussels, but the number of dead Germans killed by Muslim terrorists and the number of German women raped by migrants and asylum seekers are on the hands of the German government, principally Angela Merkel.

As an aside, just this week police in Ludwigshafen have arrested a 12-year-old Iraqi boy who placed two crude bombs in the city. None of them exploded. The boy apparently stated that he wanted to join ISIS.

And Angela Merkel thinks they are going to assimilate these people? How many Germans have to die? How many women have to be raped in order to realize Merkel's insane vision of repopulating Germany and the rest of Europe?

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