Thursday, December 22, 2016

Another Hoax-University of Michigan

We are seeing this all too often. Phony hate crimes or verbal assaults upon Muslims, mostly Muslim women that turn out to be false. Hoaxes. The latest comes to us from the University of Michigan, where a Muslim student claimed she was verbally accosted by a white man, a Trump supporter, no less, who had threatened to set her on fire. Now she has admitted it was concocted. The latest hoax is at the University of Michigan.

Here is a report from the Daily Michigan, the campus paper.

This is nothing less than a concerted drive to stir up a false narrative about so-called Islamophobia. Even if many or even most Americans have negative perceptions of Islam, they are doing a good job of not lashing out against innocent Muslims. But that is not the narrative that CAIR wants to see. No doubt this report, like the recent report from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, or the recent report from San Diego State, or the New York subway report was quickly "documented" by the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley. And a common thread now since the election is that the perps were white male Trump supporters.

Any true reports must be condemned, but this is a disturbing trend that is not helpful, least of all for those those whose claims might be true. Who knows when to believe them?

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