Monday, December 12, 2016

Ami Horowitz Visits a No-Go Zone in Sweden

American film producer and conservative activist was on Sean Hannity's radio show today and told of his recent visit to Sweden, where he visited one of those no-go zones that many people deny exist in Europe. Almost immediately upon entering Husby, a suburb of Stockholm inhabited almost completely by Muslims, he was attacked and beaten by five foreigners. Here is his report in the Daily Mail (UK).

Here is one of the posts I put up in May 2013 when Husby was the scene of riots that lasted several days.

-Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

It seems that except for the Sweden Democrats party, the country and its leaders are in denial of the problem, where violence and rapes have skyrocketed across the country. Horowitz states that Sweden has taken in more Syrian refugees per capita than any other European country.

Like Horowitz, I don't care about Sweden. They are the authors of their own demise, but I do care about whether this happens in the US. Syrian refugees can and should be given refuge in their own region of the world. There is no need to bring the cancer (belief system) they bring to our countries. The same goes for Somalis and all the other Muslims (mostly young men in their 20s) who have decided they need to live in Europe, Australia, Canada or the US. Some of us see through their agenda.

Hopefully, Donald Trump will follow through on his promise not to allow in unvetted people willy-nilly as Obama is presently doing. Hopefully, will show the Europeans there is a better way than allow armies of violent young men to roam around their countries.

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