Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yale Prof. Makes Test Optional for Students Traumatized by Trump's Election

Hat tip Breitbart

A Yale economics professor has made a scheduled exam optional for those students who are too traumatized by the election results to take the exam.

Just think. All over the nation, we have young people with PTSD walking around our college campuses. I think we should carry this a step further. Since many of our college students are now unable to continue their studies, why don't we just give them their diplomas now without forcing them to undergo any more tests?

It's only fair.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Poor little snowflakes.

Squid said...

Maybe they should drop out of college. They have already dropped out of life. Worthless individuals with no intestinal fortitude to go forward and except the choice of the Citizens of America. If it hurts too much,move out of the country with the Hollywood elite.