Monday, November 14, 2016

Kent State Being Pushed to Remove Display of Golda Meir

Hat tip Algemeiner

Will Kent State University remove a display of Golda Meir to satisfy the demands of Students for Justice in Palestine? Algemeiner has the report.

Of course, nothing upsets Arabs more than the image of a WOMAN who led Israel to victory over practically the entire Arab world. Here's hoping the administrators at Kent State have a little steel in their spines.

“Thank you for expressing your concerns about the negativity in the national environment and your support for Kent State to continue to be a diverse community that is committed to inclusive excellence,” Warren wrote, according to the report. “I share those sentiments and am dedicated to our campus being one that is welcoming to all while also honoring the rights of free speech and freedom of expression that are central to a democratic society.”

This doesn't sound too encouraging.

Here is an open letter written to KSU President Beverly Warren by Ann Atkins appearing in Algemeiner.


Darrell Hicks said...

Kent State?

Didn't four students protesting the Vietnam war get gunned down by Nixon's National uard order❓

Will Kent State EVER LEARN❓

Darrell Hicks said...

Ten soldiers and Nixon coming...

We're finally on our own....

Four (students) dead in Ohio...

Neil Young. 1969