Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hampshire College Shame

Hat tip Campus Reform

Hampshire College of Massachusetts has decided not to fly the American flag after it was lowered and burned by students on the eve of Veterans Day

Jonathan Lash

“Earlier this week, in the current environment of escalating hate-based violence, we made the decision to fly Hampshire's U.S. flag at half-staff for a time while the community delved deeper into the meaning of the flag and its presence on our campus.”

-Jonathan Nash Lash, President, Hampshire College

If Mr Nash  Lash has no clue as to the meaning of the American flag, he has no business being president of any university. If he had any understanding of what the flag means, he would not cave to the radicals on his campus. He would fly the flag and have his campus police arrest anybody who disturbs it for vandalism and destruction of school property. Keep delving, you boob.

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