Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Who Is Zulema Rodriguez?

Hat tip Barry and Daily Caller

Zulema Rodriguez is the nice lady from Arizona who takes credit for organizing the protest that shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago on March 11. Two weeks before that incident she received disbursement payments ($1,610.24) for salary) from guess who?

Hillary for America

Our source? No, it's not Breitbart or Fox News; it's the Federal Election Commission. In fact, Ms. Rodriguez received around $20,000 from Clinton campaign-related groups.

Here is more from Daily Caller. Rodriguez is linked to a certain Aaron Black, a name that figures in the just released Project Veritas videos.

It looks like the Department of Justice has a ready-made RICO case dropped in its lap, red ribbon and all. This is reminiscent of Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President. Of course, don't expect Loretta Lynch to act on this. In the immortal words of James Comey, " reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case".

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Bill Harrill said...

Besides being arrested, she should crawl under the Clinton bus for her daily feedings. She can suck the shit out of the toilet tanks in the bus until they are dry.