Friday, October 21, 2016

US Islamists Favor Hillary

Hat tip Middle East Forum, Investigative Project on Terrorism, and Karen

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"Something stinks"

If you are wondering which presidential candidate is getting the most donations from US-based Islamist groups, wonder know more. The Middle East Forum has the answer. It's Hillary Clinton-by a wide margin.

On a related note, On October 23, none other than CAIR will be holding a voter registration seminar at UC Irvine, sponsored by the Muslim Student Union. Naturally, they are charging admission ($40) which means it's also a fund raiser.

I am not a lawyer but here is my question: Since UCI is a public university, is it proper for them to host an event which may run afoul of the Establishment Clause-I mean a religious-based group holding a political event. Given the Middle East Forum's post above, I think it is  safe to assume the people putting on this show favor one particular candidate-Hillary Clinton.

Now a few words about one of the speakers, Zaid Shakir of Zaytuna College, a Muslim college actually based at UC Berkeley (or a couple of blocks outside of UCB to be more precise). Shakir is regarded by many as a moderate, as if one who is associated with Zaytuna co-founder Hatem Bazian could ever be a moderate. However, Shakir is on record having made a number of controversial statements about 9-11, condemnation of the US and its military as well as the supremacy of Islam. Below is a report on Shakir by the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

In a word, I think this event stinks, but would UCI ever say no to the MSU or CAIR?

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