Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Two Tapes: Which Is Worse?

This week the nation is buzzing about the Donald Trump-Billy Bush conversation caught on a live mic 11 years ago. Here it is below:

But how many people are talking about this audio tape of Hillary Clinton describing a rape defendant she defended years ago in Arkansas?

I will be the first to tell you that both tapes are offensive to me. That is not the way I talk about women and that is not the way I have ever treated women. Not that I am a saint, but it seems to me that Trump has many similarities to Bill Clinton. This is not a man I admire.

On the other hand (in the second tape), we are talking about a real victim here-a 12-year-old girl named Kathy Shelton, whose life was ruined. Hillary Clinton, who  actually laughed (in her fake southern drawl) as she told the story. She got this guy off with time served (about two months). Part of her strategy was attacking this girl with allegations that she had fantasies about having sex with older men. Her reputation was savaged by Hillary Clinton.

She and her defenders will say that she was just doing her job as a defense attorney. I understand that being a retired DEA agent. But this is the woman who claims to be a champion of women. She said not long ago that every rape victim has the right to be believed. When you laugh while telling this story, it indicates to me that this woman has a serious character problem. Of course, there is thirty years of scandals and lies that make the case that she is not a person to admire.

But it is to you to decide which tape offends you more.

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