Thursday, October 20, 2016

The "Quid Pro Quo" Email Was About Benghazi

Hat tip Breitbart

According to an FBI investigative report (form 302), Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy tried to make a deal with an FBI agent that would involved the declassification of one of Hillary Clinton's communications in exchange for the FBI getting additional slots in countries where they had had no previous presence. It is revealed that this communication involved the identification of suspects in the Benghazi attack. Such material would have to be classified.

Keep in mind that just days ago, President Obama himself publicly disputed the allegation in the FBI report. Think of that. The president of the United States says that what an FBI agent put in an official investigative report is "just not true".

It is time to bring in the relevant FBI agent(s) to a congressional committee and ask them about it under oath-as well as Mr Kennedy.

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