Friday, October 7, 2016

The 2005 Trump Tape

I have just heard the 2005 tape of a conversation on a hot mic between Donald Trump and Billy Bush of Access Hollywood. By now it is exploding all over the place.

In my opinion, Trump is done.

Of course, all this shows is that Donald Trump is just like Bill Clinton. Hillary's instant tweet saying it is horrific just shows her hypocrisy because she is married to a man just like Trump and did everything she could to shield him (Bill) from his actions.

It doesn't matter. Trump is toast.


Miggie said...

It is hard to find virgins to run for President. What guy hasn't talked more or less like this, bragging in the locker room?

Anonymous said...

I bet he still has your vote, though. Tell me, what would it take for you to NOT vote for him? Not necessarily vote FOR Clinton, just NOT for Trump.

ChrisLA said...

That tape recorded disgusting "locker room" talk. If it had come out during the primaries, perhaps the Republicans would have fielded a more qualified candidate for President. Nevertheless, given the short attention span and memory of many American voters, this could still be overshadowed by a some unknown "November surprise" which would have greater impact. America is toast.

Gary Fouse said...


You don't know that. As for your question, that bar may already have been reached. Whatever I do, however, I will NOT vote for Hillary. She and her husband are just as bad and worse.

ChrisLA said...

Anyone who votes 30 days ahead of time like the POTUS is not considering all of the information available to voters on November 8. Locker room talk, while disgusting, is not criminal behavior. Clinton has done things that have gotten other people thrown into jail, namely, divulging classified information and engaging in pay to play within the State Dept. The Justice Dept. has granted immunity to principals in the cases, but is not pursuing any criminal action. That sure sounds like a cover-up. Americans deserve better from their government. What a difference 30 days could make!