Friday, October 14, 2016

Rape Crisis in Sweden Hits a New High (Low)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

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The immortal Pippi Langstrumpf

For several years now, Sweden has been known as the rape capital of Europe. No, Swedish men have not suddenly become rapists. It's the wave of Muslim migrants who have brought this situation.

Now things have hit a new low. A Swedish woman, wheel chair-bound, was gang raped in a refugee center. Worse yet, charges have been dropped and the men released because-get this- the woman did not sufficiently resist to qualify as a rape victim under Swedish law.


Fortunately, there is still an element of Swedish society that became enraged at this dual outrage. But that's when Swedish feminists stepped in with there own counter protest.

Much like their American counterparts, Swedish feminists are silent when it comes to the treatment of women in Islamic societies. That's because-as Vlad Tepes points out- their identification with far left, Marxist politics is stronger. That includes fighting against that old bugaboo, Islamophobia and anti-migrant feelings in Europe when said migrants behave badly.

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