Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oberlin Prof. Blames Racism

Hat tip Campus Reform

Joy Karega, suspended Oberlin professor, is claiming she was suspended because she is a black woman after she made a series of anti-Jewish screeds.

Let me add a thought: I do not believe for a minute that American universities, Oberlin or otherwise, engage in anti-black racism. That is to their credit. On the other hand, what universities do is carry it too far in accommodating black students and faculty.  Universities try desperately to increase their black enrollment. That is fine. Pandering and treating black students like handicapped children is not fine. It is patronizing and condescending.

I have no problem with offering courses on black history, Latino history etc. I do not see the justification for establishing entire departmental majors in these areas including gender studies and gay studies. They do not prepare students for life in the real world, and in too many cases, only engage in ethnocentric and chauvinistic pursuits that instill anger and a sense of victimhood. Look at the people teaching these courses and you see the problem. Most of them are angry people with agendas to push. Now we see campuses actually establishing black only  dorms and "safe spaces" for black students as if the KKK were  riding around campus at night.

So I do not accept Ms Karega's charge of anti-black racism. What is present, however, is anti-Semitism, as exemplified by the rants of Karega. Universities are tolerating this form of bigotry because in most cases it comes from Muslim students and their invited speakers as well as in this case by a black professor. It took multiple outrageous statements by Karega before Oberlin finally took the appropriate action.

No, Joy. You were suspended because you are a hateful, anti-Semitic bigot who has helped make Oberlin unsafe for Jewish students and who has brought discredit to the school. In addition, when you say that the CIA and Mossad are running ISIS, you display a level of flat-earth stupidity that is unacceptable for the job of teaching.You need to go.

And don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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