Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oberlin College Not Welcoming for Jews

Hat tip Algemeiner and Louis Brandeis Center

The Student Senate at Oberlin College has reacted to the on-going controversies on campus involving anti-Semitism by condemning a seminar that would promote self respect and civil rights for Jews. It seems the campus is not embarrassed by the rants of Jew-hating professor Joy Karega. Also notable in this condemnation is that despicable organization that claims they are pro-Israel, J Street. The campus Hillel chapter (in the grand tradition of UC Irvine's Hillel chapter) also protested an alumni organization's criticism of Oberlin. The school president, apparently unable to deal with all the mess has announced his resignation.

And poor old Marvin Krislov, the school president?

"I'm outta here."

What a pity that tiny Oberlin College has earned so much negative publicity around the country. It has all been earned.

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